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Sunday School 2019-2020-All The Details of Our Program!

This year our Sunday School is in its third year using the successful “Workshop Rotation” model.  Five experienced and passionate teachers (Diane Arakelian, Suzie Abajian, Suzy Hovhanissian, Gayane Khachaturyan and Linda Maslar), will offer four exciting workshops under different themes (see schedule below).  This year we have one large classroom for children ages 5-12. Teens may request to be teacher’s helpers. Sunday School room opens at 10:45, with class starting at 11:00 sharp!  See you for the first day of Sunday School and special fellowship on September 8th!  Contact Linda Maslar at with any questions and/or interest.

Our Schedule for Fall/Winter 2019:

Class DateWorkshopTeacher
09/08/2019Armenian CultureSuzie Abajian
09/15/2019Armenian LanguageGayane Khachaturyan
09/22/2019Church & BibleDiane Arakelian
09/29/2019Armenian SongSuzy Hovhanissian
10/06/2019Church & BibleDiane Arakelian
10/13/2019Armenian SongSuzy Hovhanissian
10/20/2019Armenian CultureSuzie Abajian
10/27/2019Armenian LanguageGayane Khachaturyan
11/03/2019Armenian CultureSuzie Abajian
11/10/2019Armenian SongSuzy Hovhanissian
11/17/2019Church & BibleDiane Arakelian
11/25/2019Armenian LanguageGayane Khachaturyan
12/01/2019Armenian CultureSuzie Abajian
12/08/2019Armenian SongSuzy Hovhanissian
12/15/2019Church & BibleDiane Arakelian
12/22/2019Armenian LanguageGayane Khachaturyan
01/05/2020Armenian CultureSuzie Abajian
01/12/2020Armenian SongSuzy Hovhanissian
01/19/2020Church & BibleDiane Arakelian
01/26/2020Armenian LanguageGayane Khachaturyan


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