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Sunday School 2018-2019-All The Details of Our Program! (now with full 2019 schedule)

This year our Sunday School is in its second year using the successful “Workshop Rotation” model.  Five experienced and passionate teachers will offer four exciting workshops under different themes.  Our two classrooms are children 3-5 years old and children 6-12 years old. The workshop rotation model ( is a proven model for smaller communities like St. Hagop; where teachers teach their passion, students experience variety, and the modular schedule gives flexibility to parent & teacher alike. See you for the first day of Sunday School and special fellowship on September 9th!  Contact Linda and Marcus at with any questions.

Our Schedule for Spring 2019:

Class DateWorkshopTeacher
02/10/2019Church & Bible, Armenian CookingDiane & Nancy
02/17/2019Armenian Culture, Arts & CraftsSuzie Abajian
02/24/2019Armenian Language
Special Outing After Church: Airheads Trampoline
Diane & Gayane
03/03/2019Armenian SongSuzy Hovhanissian
03/10/2019Armenian Culture, Arts & CraftsSuzie Abajian
03/17/2019Church & Bible, Armenian CookingDiane & Nancy
03/24/2019Armenian SongSuzy Hovhanissian
03/31/2019Armenian LanguageDiane & Gayane
04/07/2019Armenian SongSuzy Hovhanissian
04/14/2019 (Palm Sunday)Church & Bible, Armenian CookingDiane & Nancy
04/21/2019 (Easter)Armenian Culture, Arts & CraftsSuzie Abajian
04/28/2019Armenian LanguageGayane Khachaturyan
05/05/2019Church & Bible, Armenian CookingDiane & Nancy
05/12/2019Armenian Culture, Arts & CraftsSuzie Abajian
05/19/2019Armenian LanguageDiane & Gayane
05/26/2019 (Last Day of Classes)Armenian SongSuzy Hovhanissian

Our Teachers & Workshops:

TeacherWorkshopTeacher Bio
Diane ArakelianChurch & BibleDiane has just entered her 7th year of professional teaching. 6 of those years have been in Catholic schools, where she teaches the Christian faith daily. Diane is excited to share her love for God with the children of St. Hagop again this year!
Suzy HovhanissianArmenian SongSuzy was classically trained in piano and voice in Armenia. She has taught music at St. Hagop for many years, and loves coaching our kids to learn and perform Armenian church and folk songs.
Linda MaslarArts & Crafts, Armenian HeritageLinda is a former St. Hagop Sunday School Superintendent and regular teacher. Linda enjoys doing arts and crafts and is known by students for her great projects. Nancy Kazarian & Suzie Abajian will also be teaming up with Linda this year!

Our Two Classrooms:

6-12 year olds3-5 year olds
Meet: 10:30AM-11:30AMMeet: 11:30AM-12:30PM
Our older group meets in their classroom at 10:30AM for a 45 minute lesson. They are in church by 11:30, and worship for 45 minutes; receiving communion & hearing the sermon. The parish council may involve class in serving church. Class enjoys fellowship after church with family & friends at 12:30PM.Our younger group meets in church by 11:30 AM in order to worship for 30 minutes with their families and receive communion. They meet in their classroom by 12PM and have a 30 minute lesson. Class enjoys fellowship after church with family & friends at 12:30PM.

Our Schedule for Fall 2018:

Class DateWorkshopTeacher
9/09/2018First Day of Sunday School, Church & Bible, Arts & CraftsDiane Arakelian
9/16/2018Church & Bible, Armenian CookingDiane & Nancy
9/23/2018Armenian SongSuzy Hovhanissian
9/30/2018Armenian Culture, Arts & CraftsSuzie Abajian
10/07/2018Arts & CraftsLinda Maslar
10/14/2018Armenian SongSuzy Hovhanissian
10/21/2018Church & Bible, Armenian CookingDiane & Nancy
10/28/2018Church & Bible, Arts & CraftsDiane & Suzie
11/04/2018Church & Bible, Arts & CraftsDiane & Suzie
11/11/2018Armenian SongSuzy Hovhanissian
11/18/2018Church & Bible, Armenian CookingDiane & Nancy
11/25/2018Armenian CultureLinda Maslar
12/02/2018Church & Bible, Armenian CookingDiane & Nancy
12/09/2018Church & Bible, Arts & CraftsDiane & Suzie
12/16/2018Armenian SongSuzy Hovhanissian
12/23/2018Arts & Crafts; OutreachLinda Maslar
12/30/2018Church Worship Day No Sunday SchoolChurch Worship Day No Sunday School
01/06/2019Armenian Christmas PerformanceSuzy Hovhanissian
01/13/2019 Sunday School Special OutingAll Teachers


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