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St. Hagop Outreach Ministry Visitations

On June 24th, after church, a few of our young professionals, along with Father Hovnan, made the trip up US-19 to see some of our northern friends in Palm Harbor. We brought baskets of treats, with special thanks to the women’s guild for providing choreg. We visited Sima Palakian and Martha Samuelian, two sisters who have been supporters of St Hagop for many years.  You could say that Martha is an original outreach ministry member, for years she has sent cards and brought hope to those who were ill or bereaved. Sima, a familiar face to us all, just moved into independent living and was overjoyed by our “house- warming” visit. We visited Marion Major, a godly woman who has opened up her heart and home to so many children, both as a mother and a teacher. She shared with us her plan to speak to a group of neighbors and friends, sharing the effect that God has had in her life. At the age of 95, her faith is strong and bold. Finally, we stopped to see Naomi Manoogian, a gentle woman with exquisite taste. Her home filled with beautiful art!

Outreach ministry is not exclusively for the youth, although they have the energy to lift spirits up. It is not exclusively for Der Hayr, although it is difficult to do a home blessing without him.  This ministry is for our entire church family. We hope that each member at St Hagop Armenian Church will seek out opportunities to check in with someone they have not seen at badarak lately. The cost of a phone call is merely time, and a card or note, a few cents more. We each have a responsibility as Christians to support our brothers and sisters in Christ.

We consider the inaugural trip to Palm Harbor a success and one of many outreach trips for those that may feel a call to serve. Acts 20:35 explains It is more blessed to give than receive. Certainly, Mallory, Diane, Raaef, Artak, Haley, Der Hayr and I can say that we received quite a blessing by reaching out.


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