Sunday Worship & Fellowship: 10:30AM-1:30PM
Sermons Fr. Hovnan Demerjian St. Hagop Armenian Church

Many-Sided Story

Today’s reading reminds us that the evil tries first to isolate us in order to defeat us.  St. Peter writes that the evil one prowls around the faithful like a lion, we are safe together, but vulnerable when isolated. As Christians, we need each other; we need to share each other’s triumphs and our trials.  I have learned much from the Catholic tradition the Greek tradition in my faith formation and make every effort to share spiritual insight from our tradition to pay forward all I learned from theirs.  This sharing and support is even more crucial when dealing with our trials.  In sharing the great calamity of the Armenian Genocide with our Catholic brothers and sisters these last years, we found great blessings in the pronouncement of St. Gregory of Narek as a doctor of the world church, in further recognition of the Genocide around the world, and helping to change our perspective on ourselves; from victims of genocide to martyrs for Christ.


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