Sunday Worship & Fellowship: 10:30AM-1:30PM
Sermons Fr. Hovnan Demerjian St. Hagop Armenian Church

How Much is Enough?

I want to leave you with a story which has always inspired me to live boldly beyond our perceived limits. Irish author Frank O’Connor tells, that as a boy, he and his friends would make their way across the Irish countryside and when they came to an orchard wall that seemed too high, too difficult to get over and continue their journey, they would take off their hats and toss them over the wall. Then they had no choice but to follow them.  I pray that our Christian journey be as bold and reckless in our stewardship of our time, talent and treasure.  May we throw all things of worldly value over the wall, trusting that God will provide, lifting us over all obstacles and embracing us in his glory on the other side.


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