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Altar Guild/Flower Guild

Parishioners are encouraged to join the Altar Guild/Flower Guild to prepare the altar for services and decorate the church with appropriate flower arrangements to glorify God. Teams of people prepare the altar, ensure the church is in proper order for each service, and arrange flowers for the altar and other areas as appropriate. This very rewarding opportunity is humbling and fulfilling, knowing you are preparing God’s table for our spiritual fulfillment. Contact Louise Yardumian at

Much Thanks For Gifts and Care of Our Generous Parishioners!

St. Hagop operates on the generous in-kind contributions of our members. This Spring and Summer we express our gratitude to: David & Nancy for our driveway resurfacing, Leon and Sharon for our Lenten Altar and Gerezman, Dr. George & Debbie for our repairing our cement walkways, Jack and Andy for our festival sign, Joseph & Angele for our new…